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mercoledì 24 maggio 2017



Super Cranky Fighters is a free M.U.G.E.N. game developed by Emanuele Pepi (mulambo).

Any part of the game is original:
- soundtracks/sounds
- graphics/visual/fx
- story/concept
- coding
Further non-original content is mentioned in the last section.


- 9 selectable characters
- 2 locked characters (unlockable semi-boss and boss battles)
- 4 bonus stages
- 11 stages


- Arcade / Team Arcade
- Vs /Team Vs
- Training
- Watch
- Survival
- Co-op
- Options

This game runs on Windows, it is tested on Windows XP and its reccomendend requirements are:
- Videocard: 32Mb, supporting DirectX 7, 1280*960 resolution, 32-bit colors
- CPU: 2Ghz
- RAM: 500Gb
- HD free space 170Mb
- Keyboard and Game Controller (Joypad/Joystick/etc.)

Common settings are editable in Options mode of the game.
Further settings such as display resolution, match count, round time, visual effects, plugins, etc. edit the file " mugen.cfg "  contained inside the "data" folder of the game (eg: c:/games/supercrankyfighters/data/mugen.cfg ).
Be sure the resolution is 1280x960, 640x480 or 320x240.

This game was entirely developed between April 2017 and May 2017 (almost a month).
Software used to develop this game:
- Gimp 2.6, Paint Shop Pro X, Particle Illusion, Blender
- Fighter Factory, Notepad
- MUGEN Engine

Exporting any of the characters/stages/screenpacks of the game outside of their original platform (the game itself) can result in malfunctioning/bug/glitches/various issues.

Please consider not to host any of the files of this game on your website, place a link to this website on your website instead.
Re-utilization/edit/cloning of any content of this game is available only by permission request.

- VF2 sound voices for the characters: Tsuneo, Tara
- Morshu's Voice for the character Abdul's voice
- Charles Martinet for the character Jannaro's voice
- various bands and videogames whose tracks have been inspiration/cover/remix for the OST (Fu Manchu, Crowbar and more)
- various free web sources for different sound effects
- Tim Marksworth for the code of the bonus character Drums
- Elecbyte for development of MUGEN Engine.
- MUGEN communities for development help (can't name them all)




These images show some particular moments of the game at the final step of development with all characters, stages, etc. They were taken with a Team Watch match. For more demostrative content, check the "VIDEOS" section.


This post shows the development progress videos of Super Cranky Fighters and a little teaser/gameplay video of the final form of the game.
Originally, the name of the game was "Fart of Fighting" but, due to political uncorrectness and vulgarity of the original title,
Each progress video shows a different character/element of the game such as characters, stages and screenpack which are feautured in the final game. Check the "PICS" section for more screenshots.


Click on the following image to download the full game Super Cranky Fighters (file name "SCF.zip").
The size of the game package is 146 MB (153.208.023 byte), it is hosted on Google Drive.
The package is clean of any virus, tested with Clamwin Anti-virus, Windows platform.